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Serving Rules…

Seems to be under debate so here are the rules written in Olde English…

It’s stated in the Badminton Service Rules that both you and your opponent shall not cause undue delays in delivering the service once respective positions have been taken up.

You and your opponent shall stand within diagonally opposite service courts without touching the boundary lines of these service courts.

Some part of both feet of you and your opponent must remain in contact with the surface of the court in a stationary position from the start of the service until the service is delivered.

Your racket shall initially hit the base of the shuttle. The whole shuttle shall be below your waist (defined as the lowest rib of the server) as you hit it with the racket.

The shaft or your racket at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction to such an extent that the whole of the head of the racket is discernibly below the whole of your hand holding the racket.

The diagram below illustrates this point clearly.

The movement of your racket must continue forward after the start of the service until the service is delivered.

The flight of the shuttle shall be upwards from your racket to pass over the net so that, if not intercepted, it lands in your opponent’s court (on or within the boundary lines).

It is a ‘fault’ if you miss the shuttle while attempting to serve. Once you have taken your position, the first movement of your racket head is deemed to be the start of your service.

You shall not serve before your opponent is ready but if a return is attempted, your opponent shall be deemed as ready.

In doubles, your partner may take up any positions which do not unsight your opposing server or receiver.

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