Holm View

Holm View Mens B v Cardiff B 20/04/2015

With Kev Perry electing to stay at home and celebrate his birthday in a vat of Strongbow the Mens B captain called on Ali G to play with Mike Perry who had put the need of the team first and missed out on the Strongbow fest with his brother! David and Jack would continue their ever improving partnership with Azzad and Dave looking for a return to form. Cardiff unfortunately did not have the players to call upon and were reduced to a team of four.

Mike and Alan were pleased to know their work was done and settled down on the bench to watch proceedings and were not disappointed when after losing the 1st game Dave and Azzad stormed back to form and won their opening rubber. 4-0! Maybe David’s mind was wandering to the fleshpots of Poland where he will be for his stag weekend shortly as he and Jack were blowing hot and cold before eventually winning their rubber. 5-0 match won and Alan and Mike had to be restrained from walking to the shower so they could join Kev!

Alan and Mike kept the momentum going with a fine 2-0 victory, 6-0 and a big score was on the cards. However, at this point the wheels came off! David and Jack were having a roller coaster rubber against the Cardiff 1st pair before eventually losing and it was 6-1. Dave and Azzad were now back on top form and powered to another win, 7-1! In the meantime Alan and Mike had lost the 1st game of the last rubber 27-25. They came back well to win the 2nd game before a rather unfortunate disagreement about the score at 9-9 (allegedly) resulted in a total breakdown in concentration and they lost the 3rd game.

An unfortunate way to end what was a good match. However, the score was 7-2 which secured Holm View’s 2nd place in the division and Cardiff’s position at the bottom of the table!

A good result to end the season was celebrated in the usual fashion back at headquarters where Kevin decided to join the team for their last celebration of the season. It has been rumoured that several of the Perry family have been booked in to the Priory Clinic at the end of the season and it is likely Griffiths and Stopgate will be joining them!


Holm View Mens B v Bridgend B 17/03/2015


The Mens B captain decided to go for youth rather than experience for this match and recalled Jack to the team to partner him. With Alan benched he would have a vital role to play as head cheer leader and tactical observer! Dave and Azzad would again lead the team as 1st pair with the Perry brothers hoping to continue their fine run of form. The Bridgend team arrived and was bristling with talent. Not many, if any clubs can boast of ever having an ex Welsh number 1 playing in their B team in Division 4. Everyone knew it would be a tough match with Bridgend looking to win this match to put the Division 4 title safely out of reach.

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad and they suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Bridgend 1st pair! 1-0 to Bridgend. However, the Perry brothers were in fine form and dispatched the Bridgend 2nd pair with equal determination to bring things back to 1-1.  On court 3 there was a right royal rumble in progress! Young Jack carrying a back injury and gasping for air after Mike had engulfed him in a cloud of freeze spray along with David were trading blows toe to toe with the Bridgend 3rd pair. Deep in to the third game and with nothing to choose between the pairs Jack and David managed to bully out 2 points to win the rubber 23-21 to give a hard fought 2-1 lead to Holm View!

The Perry brothers were very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and came out in determined mood. When they won the first game 21-19 and the bench started to believe! However, Chris Rees was in no mood to roll over and the Bridgend 1st pair came out and blew the Perry brothers away in the second game. Despite desperate tactical advice from Alan and a motivational speech by David, Mike and Kev had hit the wall like marathon runners who go out to fast at the start! Their eyes glazed and they could only watch in wonder at some of the shots being played against them before eventually losing the third game. Meanwhile Jack and David, looking as though they had given their all against the 3rd pair were struggling against the Bridgend 2nd pair. Despite their best effort the Bridgend 2nd pair proved to be too good. It was now 3-2 to Bridgend and the momentum was building in Bridgend’s favour. Dave and Azzad’s rubber against the Bridgend 3rd pair was now vital if Holm View were going to retain any hope of victory and unfortunately they were not able to find the high level of performance they displayed in the first half of the season and also lost. It was now 4-2 to Bridgend and Alan’s tactical talk had now moved to the realms of miracles and acts of God!

Things did not get any better in the third round of rubbers. Bridgend’s 1st pair made short work of David and Jack as did the Bridgend 2nd pair of Dave and Azzad. 6-2 to Bridgend and the Perry brothers had also lost the first game to the Bridgend 3rd pair and were not happy! At the change of ends the Perry brothers had a chat with themselves and knuckled down in the second game to pull it back to 1-1. With all other rubbers done and dusted and only their pride to play for now they put the third game to bed convincingly to win the rubber and to end the match losing 6-3.

A fine victory for Bridgend who have a thriving club and great depth of talent to call on. They will provide stiff opposition to the teams they meet in Division 3 next season. The match over a few hard core members of the team retired to the pub to lick their wounds and reflect on what might have been!

Mike P


Holm View Mens B v Rearden Smith B 03/03/2015

The Mens B captain was expecting to improve on the previous week’s 5-4 win against Arches and decided to go for experience and named an unchanged team for the visit of Rearden Smith. The Rearden Smith team arrived and was a mixture of youth and experience and everyone knew it would be a tough match! It was good to see Azzad had remembered his trainers, time would tell if his eyes were aligned and Alan made it through the knock up without breaking his racquets this week! The only slight worry was would Alan, Dave and Kev be fully recovered from their over indulgence at Butlins on the weekend and also the match would test Kev’s bounce back ability from his Mixed A match the night before!

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad! Despite Azzad wearing his own trainers, he and Dave could not overcome the Rearden Smith 1st pair. Kev and Mike although starting slowly, overcame the 2nd pair 2-0 to bring Holm View level at 1-1. It has to be said though Kev was giving his racquet some quizzical looks at this point. In the 3rd rubber David and Alan were in good form running out 2-0 winners against the 3rd pair! 2-1 to Holm View and everything to play for!

The Perry brothers were very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and having lost the first game and 20-19 down in the second things did not look good. By now Kev was convinced someone had changed his badminton racquet for a squash racquet and the impact of playing Mixed A the night before was evident! However, the Perry brother never give in and managed to sneak victory in the second game 23-21 which set up a bruising encounter in the 3rd. With some excellent rallies and hard fought points it was a credit to both pairs. Crucially the Perry brothers turned it around and won! Mike was glowing like a red beacon and his pulse racing like the heart beat of a humming bird and Kev made a vow never to play Mixed A before a Men’s match ever again! Mike will hold him to that! Dave and Azzad had also suffered a shock setback in the first game against the third pair and were also finding things a struggle. However, they are starting to get a reputation for going to three games and so it was to be before securing victory! 4 -1 now and all eyes on Alan and David who seemed to be playing well despite not always agreeing on tactics! Despite a valiant effort they were unable to overcome a good Rearden Smith 2nd pair. The match was poised at 4-2 in Holm View’s favour going in to the final round of rubbers.

Dave and Azzad were now embroiled in a tough match with the Rearden Smith 2nd pair. Winning the first game by 2 points and then coming back from 18-10 down to win was nothing short of amazing! The Perry brothers were in no mood to get in to a long drawn out game against the Rearden Smith 3rd pair but they had other ideas pushing them all the way in the first game. Kev and Mike found another gear in the second game to secure the victory and the match was now 6-2 and everyone was looking towards a repeat of the 7-2 away victory. Again the Rearden Smith 1st pair had other ideas! David and Alan were involved in some long rallies, fine shots, close line calls and lots of tactical debates before the Arches 1st pair eventually showed their strength winning the 3rd game easily to end the match, 6-3 to Holm View.

Again, not the big result the captain had hoped for at the start of the match and all credit to the Rearden Smith boys who made the B team fight all the way for this victory! Despite the hard fought nature of the match it was played in great sporting nature. The match over a few hard core members of the team sat through the after match analysis fuelled by Strongbow and lager before Kev had an attack of cramp which was a fitting end to his night!

Mike “War and Peace” Perry


Holm View Mens B v Arches B 22/02/2015

The Mens B captain was expecting to improve on the 7-2 win at Arches and employed the Jose Mourinho squad rotation system. Having already played 2 matches this week several of the over 50 brigade were hopeful of being ‘rested’ but it was not to be and young Jack made way for Ali G to join the party! The Arches team arrived and the old heads instantly knew it would be a tough match with at least two of their players having up until recently been in their A team! To make matters worse Azzad had left his trainers home and had to wear Mike’s spare pair that were two sizes too big and Alan broke the strings of his A racquet warming up! The weather outside was getting worse and the confident pre-match mood in the hall was also changing!

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad! According to Dave, Azzad definitely has not had lazer eye treatment as he could not see again! Losing to the Arches 1st pair was not the start the men had hoped for. Kev and Mike had a very close 1st game against the 2nd pair but found the 2nd game a lot easier winning 2-0 to bring Holm View level at 1-1. In the 3rd rubber David and Alan were in good form running out 2-0 winners but at a cost, Alan had snapped the strings of his B racquet! The badminton omens were not looking good! 2-1 to Holm View and everything to play for!

The Perry brothers very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and were not in the mood to take any prisoners. Despite some hard fought rallies they made  short work of their opponents, 3-1 and the momentum was in Holm View’s favour! Dave and Azzad’s game against the Arches 3rd pair would be very important now and they did not disappoint pulling off a well earned victory despite Azzad’s feet flapping on the floor like a penguin (according to Alan) and his eyesight problem! To achieve the big win the captain hoped for he and Alan were going to have to win against the difficult Arches 2nd pair and it was not to be with them going down 2-0 in a spirited encounter. The match was poised at 4-2 in Holm View’s favour going in to the final round of rubbers.

Now to say Dave and Azzad were not having their best of nights would be an understatement and they also lost a tough rubber to the Arches 2nd pair. 4-3 and the gap was closing! Azzad left for the showers, took him awhile as he could not see to find his way there and Dave was left on the sidelines dreaming of what might have been! The Perry brothers were in no mood to let the match slip away and were all over the Arches 3rd pair like a rash. Using all of their combined 104 years to win 2-0 and ensure the match win at 5-3. In the final rubber, David and Alan were embroiled in an epic encounter with the Arches 1st pair! There were some long rallies, fine shots and close line calls before the Arches 1st pair eventually won 22-20 in the 3rd game. What an end to a hard fought match with Holm View winning 5-4!

Not the big result the captain had hoped for at the start of the match and all credit to the Arches team who made the B team fight all the way for this victory! The match over a few hard core members of the team sat through the after match analysis fuelled by coffee and apple juice!


Holm View Mens B v Penarth B 19/02/2015

Having won a hard fought 6-3 at Ystrad on Monday the Mens B knew a trip to Penarth on Thursday was going to provide a similar challenge! The captain named an unchanged team with Dave and Azzad, the Perry brothers and David and Jack making the trip. Knowing that a good win was vital if they are going to maintain any glimmer of hope of challenging Bridgend for the league title who had earlier in the week beaten Penarth 8-1. A tough night was ahead!

On arrival at Penarth the men were greeted by a sea of young faces! It was commented that “this could be one of those nights where a lot of running will be needed”! A worry in itself for half the team who are over 50! Nevertheless, David gave another team talk, full of French passion, determination and joie de vivre and once the rest of the team packed away their dictionaries the match commenced!

The first round of rubbers could not have gone better. Dave and Azzad, who we think has had lazer eye treatment since Monday pulled of a fine 2-0 victory over the Penarth 1st pair. Kev and Mike having made short work of the 1st game against the 2nd pair were finding the 2nd game a lot more difficult before eventually winning a tight game to put Holm View in the driving seat. In the 3rd rubber David and Jack were have a barnstormer of a rubber with the 3rd pair before eventually winning the 3rd game! 3-0 to Holm View and the momentum definitely in our favour.

Everything was going to plan when the Perry brothers quickly dispatched the Penarth 3rd pair with a display that proves that youth and enthusiasm is no match for old age and treachery! Dave with Azzad taking advantage of his new found eyesight were impressive with a 2-0 victory over the Penarth 2nd pair. David and Jack were in the groove now and pulled off a shock 2-0 victory against the Penarth 1st pair and Holm View were starting to believe a 9-0 victory may be possible! And, it was noticed that Jack had not dropped his racquet once!

6-0 up going to the final round of rubbers and confidence was high. Dave an Azzad were on fire by now and in no mood to relieve the pressure on the Penarth 3rd pair and completed their 3rd win of the night in fine style. The Perry brothers steeled themselves for what they thought would be a tough match against the Penarth 1st pair. However, despite some good early rallies  the Perry brothers had too much guile and experience for the young pair and were worthy winners. 8-0 and with Jack and David determined to get full value for their £3.00 match fee their  final rubber had gone to three games again. There were some excellent play on display from both pairs before some good smashes at the end saw the Holm View pair make it 9-0.

Despite the size of the result the match was played in a great spirit of sportsmanship. The young Penarth team have a lot of talent and we are sure they have plenty of time ahead of them to get revenge! The team returned to Barry for the usual after match warm down and analysis! Sunday brings Arches to Barry for what will be another tough match before the Mens B take a well earned break! It was mentioned that one member of the team is going to London for the weekend before travelling back for the match on Sunday and concerns have been raised about whether it is wise to take their wife to see Fifty Shades of Grey before a big game! We will see!


Mike P

Holm View Mens B v Ystrad Mynach B 16/02/2015

The Mens B team are facing a daunting time with three matches in seven days ahead of them. Having won 5-4 at home they knew a long trip to Ystrad Mynach was going to be a tough start to the week! With Dave and Azzad having returned from ‘walkabout’ since Christmas fit, healthy and ready to go the team remained unchanged with the Perry brothers together and David LeSmash and Jack ‘I dropped my racquet’ hoping to continue their blossoming partnership

On arrival at Ystrad hopes were high as the home team were in disarray! Three men down and their captain fit to burst with Anger at being let down! He was forced to shuffle his pairs and bring in some youngsters. Something Holm View are all too familiar with!

The first round of rubbers went to script with the strong Ystrad 1st pair overcoming a spirited effort from Azzad and Dave who seemed to have brushed the cobwebs off their racquets and put up a gallant fight! The Perry brothers were ruthless in their rubber and when David and Jack won their rubber it was 2-1 to Holm View and everything going to script!

Everything looked as if it was going to plan when the Perry brothers quickly dispatched the Ystrad 3rd pair and the Ystrad 1st pair using all their experience to overcome David and Jack (oops I dropped my racquet again!). But oh how things can change! Dave and Azzad having won the first game of their rubber easily lost the second game and it looked like Azzad had lost the ability to see and Dave looked absolutely bamboozled by what was happening! At 20-19 down all looked lost. However, they quickly won the next three points and it became apparent it was all part of Dave and Azzad’s cunning plan to wear down the Ystrad 2nd pair ready for our 3rd pair! Hmmm!

4-2 up going to the final round of rubbers and confidence was high. Azzad and Dave having re-grouped made short work of the Ystrad 3rd pair and David and Jack (I never dropped my racquet) showed great composure to win their second rubber of the night while the Perry brother’s went down in straight games to Ystrad’s 1st pair.

The final match result was 6-3 to Holm View. The match was played in great spirit and the team returned to Barry for more great spirits! Thursday brings a trip to Penarth for what will be another tough match!

Mike P

Holm View Mixed C v Bridgend Phoenix 27/01/2015

With half of the mixed C team recovering from the match the night before the squad rotation system was fully employed and it has been rumored Jose Mourinho may be asked to assist with future squad rotation discussions! The badminton player formally known as Steff was partnered with Chris, Mike (the badminton prostitute) changed partners again and teamed up with Heather while David La smash and Bionic Jenny provided a bit of stability and were looking to build on the great form they had shown the night before. However, a 6:00pm call from Steff to say he would not make the match meant that Jenny had to go to her garden and point the floodlight at the dark sky. The crossed racquet signal was immediately picked up by Kev “super sub” Perry who made his way to club to rekindle the partnership of legend with Chris Harrhy.

It was no surprise when Bridgend Phoenix B arrived with a team bristling with talent, including two ex Holm View players, the ex Welsh number 1 Chris Rees and his prodigy! A talented team pressing to win the league title!

Bridgend started their onslaught in the first round of rubbers with the 1st and 3rd pairs inflicting 2-0 defeats and Holm View were looking in deep trouble! However, Kev and Chris had other ideas and were battling hard in a three game thriller and eventually ran out worthy winners. Although only 2-1 down Holm View had lost to the 1st pair and 3rd pairs and this usually spells defeat is in the air!

Undaunted Holm View got together for an exchange of tactical information and what happened next was incredible! Mike and Heather made short work of the 2nd pair with a 2-0 win, David and Jenny did the same with the 3rd pair. Holm View were now 3-2 up and a massive shock was in the air as Kev and Chris had won the first game against Chris Rees and his daughter! Rumour was Kevs racquet was humming like a light saber! However, the dark lord that is Chris Rees was tapping deep in to the “FORCE” and hit back winning the second game. The third game threw up some exciting rallys until a clash of racquets between Kev “Skywalker” and Chris “ Princess Leah” opened up an unassailable lead for the Bridgend pair. The match was now in the balance at 3-3 and questions were being raised as to whether Kev had anything left in the tank for his third rubber? It was Kev raising the questions!!

Another sharing of tactical information and a stirring “We will fight them on the beaches” speech from Jenny and the third round of rubbers began. Mike and Heather battled in their first game but were no match for the Bridgend 1st pair going down 2-0 and Holm View were 3-4 down. Jenny and David were making short work of the Bridgend 3rd pair winning 2-0. It was 4-4 and now it was Kev and Chris tapping deep in to the force winning the 1st game of their final rubber. By now everything in the club was quiet, benches had been drawn around the court and it was like sitting in a Roman amphitheatre watching gladiators fight to the death! Some amazing returns by Chris and Kev saw them pull in to a lead at a vital time in the 2nd game and the Bridgend pairs heads dropped. Kev and Chris could sniff blood and pressed home the advantage to seal what was a tremendous 5-4 win.

It was then off to the pub to relish in what was a very well deserved victory in a keenly fought match that was played in great spirit by players from both sides!

Only 3 matches to go and everyone is left wondering who will play in them! At least Captain Jenny knows! (We think)

Holm View Mixed C v Cardiff A 26/01/2015

The mixed C team made three changes in personnel from the last match which meant there was another shuffle of the pairs. David having returned from his trip to France was paired with Jenny, the badminton player formally known as Steff was reunited after a long absence with Gemma and Mike teamed up with Jessica.

Cardiff also made some sweeping changes from the team beaten at Holm View with four new players drafted in this was a much stronger team!

The first round of rubbers saw Holm View go 2-0 down! Not the start they wanted. However, Jenny and David battled hard to win their rubber and brought the match back to 2-1.

The second round of rubbers saw a bit of a fight back with Gemma and Steff working hard to win their rubber. However, it was not going to be Jessica and Mikes night with little going their way they suffered a crushing defeat and with Jenny and David also losing it was now 4-2 and things looked bleak going in to the final round of rubbers.

Jessica and Mike put up a brave fight against the Cardiff 1st pair but were no match for them and the match result was sealed at 5-2. With Gemma and Steff also losing their rubber it was then 6-2. However, Jenny and David were having a another tough match on the other side of the hall and eventually came out worthy winners, ending the match 6-3 to Cardiff.

A few of the team consoled themselves over a drink while some made the long and winding journey home. You know who you are!!!

The team now look forward to another match the tonight against Bridgend Phoenix when no doubt there will be another new line up! This team is definitely taking squad rotation to the limit!

Mike Perry

Holm View Mixed C v Penarth B 08/01/2015

The mixed C team were without two of their regular men for what they all knew would be a tough mixed match against Penarth B at Western Leisure Centre. Being two men down meant Kevin Perry made another come back and Jack Elvis would make his debut.

Pairings were selected in the usual way! Mystic Meg was consulted, bones were tossed in the air, prayers were said, straws were drawn and finally the captain (Jenny) choose to pair up with the debutante Jack, Kev and Chris reformed the successful partnership of bygone years and Gemma got the short straw and was paired with Mike!

The first round of rubbers were keenly contested with all of the rubbers going to three games. Gemma and Mike won their first rubber, Jenny and Jack lost theirs and unfortunately, Holm View found themselves 2-1 down after Chris and Kev lost 25-23 in the third game of their rubber. Tough start!

Two of the next round of rubbers went to three games but critically Holm View had lost all three rubbers so the result of the match was now sealed as Penarth led 5-1 and to compound matters it felt like the someone had ramped up the thermostat in the centre!

However, never known to lay down and roll over the pairs steeled themselves for the final round! Jenny and Jack battled hard again but were not able to overcome their opponents. Gemma and Mike had a different idea when it came to Penarths number 1 pair. Have been roasted in the first game they showed great determination in the second game to claw their way back in to the rubber. With all to play for in the third game Gemma and Mike got off to a storming start and took the game to Penarth and sealed a well earned victory against very good young pair. Not to be outdone Chris and Kev were embroiled in their own battle and had also gone to 3 games and eventually pulling off a well earned win.

The final match result was 6-3 to Penarth. With 7 rubbers going to three games it could easily have been a lot closer! Special thanks to Jack who stepped in to play at the eleventh hour and to Gemma who made a 6-7 hour round trip to play the match. Now that is COMMITMENT! The match over it was left to Kev and Mike to carry out a full after match analysis in the usual way over a few Strongbows!

Mike Perry

Holm View Mens B v Arches B 27/11/2014

The Mens B faced a daunting trip to Howells school to face a good Arches team that was strengthened with the presence of a member of their last years A team. Already missing David they had been hit with the news Azzad was out! This had prompted a flurry of frantic emails before Elfyn agreed to make his club match debut! Dave Stopgate again showed his brilliance as a captain! He kept the Perry brothers together, paired Alan and Jack again and paired himself with Elfyn. The Perry brothers got the match off to a storming start making short work of their first opponents. However, the other two rubbers were a very close affair with Dave and Elfyn notching up a well earned victory and Alan and Jack narrowly losing to their opponents in three games.

The Perry brothers were then embroiled in a tough rubber. Having lost the first game they showed great character to win the second game and eventually overpowering their opponents in the third game. While this was going on Dave and Elfyn were quietly going about their business of winning their second rubber. Alan and Jack unfortunately were finding the conditions difficult and sustained another loss.4-2 up going in to the final round of rubbers was a strong position to be in but the team knew they could not take anything for granted with three tough rubbers to play against an Arches side prepared to fight for every last point!

The Perry brothers were first up again and despite being 19-16 down in the first game and 19-17 down in the second game they showed that there is no substitute for experience and the desire to win! Coming out on top 21-16 and 23-21 to seal the match. Dave and Elfyn in the meantime were involved in a torrid match that went to three games before they eventually earned a great victory 23-21 in the third. Having now put the match beyond Arches Alan and Jack went in to their rubber with the pressure off and what a rubber it turned out to be. Having lost the first game they would not roll over and fought hard to win the second game before eventually winning the third game 23-21 to earn their first rubber of the night and sealing a fantastic 7-2 victory.
All credit to the Arches team who put up real battle and made the Mens B earn every point! And, to top off a great debut for Elfyn the Arches team selected him as the teams most sporting player. Congratulations Elfyn, what a debut!

Mike Perry