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Mens B v Ystrad – 04/11/2014

The Men’s B faced some tough opposition from Ystrad and were without the leadership of their charismatic David Le Coq. However, with more than 40 years of badminton experience Davey Stopgate was a formidable replacement in this role. His first inspirational decision was to select Jack Elvis as David’s replacement and the “young gun” proved to be well worth the 5 bags of skittles he eats per match!

Davey’s next big decision was to pair up the Perry brother’s (Kev and Mike) for only their second match together in about 40 years and their first one was 2 days before for the Mens A! This meant Jack would be playing with Alan and what a rollercoaster of an evening the pair had! Losing to the third pair in their first rubber facing defeat at 20-18 in the third game against the second pair Davey was wondering what had gone wrong!Then four amazing points turned the whole match on its head. Alan and Jack (1 rubber) had pulled off a win that looked most unlikely and the Men were noe 3-3 instead of 2-4 with everything to play for!
(Alan Note: we were never in doubt!… well maybe a little)

The Perry brothers (2 rubbers) sealed the 4th rubber of the night in good time and Dave and Azad (2 rubbers) sealed a well earned 5-4 win. Jack completed his debut with a win and received the nomination for the most sporting player. Unfortunately he is not yet old enough to join in the after match celebrations! Debrief down Weatherspoons…

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