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Holm View Mixed C v Bridgend Phoenix 27/01/2015

With half of the mixed C team recovering from the match the night before the squad rotation system was fully employed and it has been rumored Jose Mourinho may be asked to assist with future squad rotation discussions! The badminton player formally known as Steff was partnered with Chris, Mike (the badminton prostitute) changed partners again and teamed up with Heather while David La smash and Bionic Jenny provided a bit of stability and were looking to build on the great form they had shown the night before. However, a 6:00pm call from Steff to say he would not make the match meant that Jenny had to go to her garden and point the floodlight at the dark sky. The crossed racquet signal was immediately picked up by Kev “super sub” Perry who made his way to club to rekindle the partnership of legend with Chris Harrhy.

It was no surprise when Bridgend Phoenix B arrived with a team bristling with talent, including two ex Holm View players, the ex Welsh number 1 Chris Rees and his prodigy! A talented team pressing to win the league title!

Bridgend started their onslaught in the first round of rubbers with the 1st and 3rd pairs inflicting 2-0 defeats and Holm View were looking in deep trouble! However, Kev and Chris had other ideas and were battling hard in a three game thriller and eventually ran out worthy winners. Although only 2-1 down Holm View had lost to the 1st pair and 3rd pairs and this usually spells defeat is in the air!

Undaunted Holm View got together for an exchange of tactical information and what happened next was incredible! Mike and Heather made short work of the 2nd pair with a 2-0 win, David and Jenny did the same with the 3rd pair. Holm View were now 3-2 up and a massive shock was in the air as Kev and Chris had won the first game against Chris Rees and his daughter! Rumour was Kevs racquet was humming like a light saber! However, the dark lord that is Chris Rees was tapping deep in to the “FORCE” and hit back winning the second game. The third game threw up some exciting rallys until a clash of racquets between Kev “Skywalker” and Chris “ Princess Leah” opened up an unassailable lead for the Bridgend pair. The match was now in the balance at 3-3 and questions were being raised as to whether Kev had anything left in the tank for his third rubber? It was Kev raising the questions!!

Another sharing of tactical information and a stirring “We will fight them on the beaches” speech from Jenny and the third round of rubbers began. Mike and Heather battled in their first game but were no match for the Bridgend 1st pair going down 2-0 and Holm View were 3-4 down. Jenny and David were making short work of the Bridgend 3rd pair winning 2-0. It was 4-4 and now it was Kev and Chris tapping deep in to the force winning the 1st game of their final rubber. By now everything in the club was quiet, benches had been drawn around the court and it was like sitting in a Roman amphitheatre watching gladiators fight to the death! Some amazing returns by Chris and Kev saw them pull in to a lead at a vital time in the 2nd game and the Bridgend pairs heads dropped. Kev and Chris could sniff blood and pressed home the advantage to seal what was a tremendous 5-4 win.

It was then off to the pub to relish in what was a very well deserved victory in a keenly fought match that was played in great spirit by players from both sides!

Only 3 matches to go and everyone is left wondering who will play in them! At least Captain Jenny knows! (We think)

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