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Holm View Mens B v Rearden Smith B 03/03/2015

The Mens B captain was expecting to improve on the previous week’s 5-4 win against Arches and decided to go for experience and named an unchanged team for the visit of Rearden Smith. The Rearden Smith team arrived and was a mixture of youth and experience and everyone knew it would be a tough match! It was good to see Azzad had remembered his trainers, time would tell if his eyes were aligned and Alan made it through the knock up without breaking his racquets this week! The only slight worry was would Alan, Dave and Kev be fully recovered from their over indulgence at Butlins on the weekend and also the match would test Kev’s bounce back ability from his Mixed A match the night before!

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad! Despite Azzad wearing his own trainers, he and Dave could not overcome the Rearden Smith 1st pair. Kev and Mike although starting slowly, overcame the 2nd pair 2-0 to bring Holm View level at 1-1. It has to be said though Kev was giving his racquet some quizzical looks at this point. In the 3rd rubber David and Alan were in good form running out 2-0 winners against the 3rd pair! 2-1 to Holm View and everything to play for!

The Perry brothers were very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and having lost the first game and 20-19 down in the second things did not look good. By now Kev was convinced someone had changed his badminton racquet for a squash racquet and the impact of playing Mixed A the night before was evident! However, the Perry brother never give in and managed to sneak victory in the second game 23-21 which set up a bruising encounter in the 3rd. With some excellent rallies and hard fought points it was a credit to both pairs. Crucially the Perry brothers turned it around and won! Mike was glowing like a red beacon and his pulse racing like the heart beat of a humming bird and Kev made a vow never to play Mixed A before a Men’s match ever again! Mike will hold him to that! Dave and Azzad had also suffered a shock setback in the first game against the third pair and were also finding things a struggle. However, they are starting to get a reputation for going to three games and so it was to be before securing victory! 4 -1 now and all eyes on Alan and David who seemed to be playing well despite not always agreeing on tactics! Despite a valiant effort they were unable to overcome a good Rearden Smith 2nd pair. The match was poised at 4-2 in Holm View’s favour going in to the final round of rubbers.

Dave and Azzad were now embroiled in a tough match with the Rearden Smith 2nd pair. Winning the first game by 2 points and then coming back from 18-10 down to win was nothing short of amazing! The Perry brothers were in no mood to get in to a long drawn out game against the Rearden Smith 3rd pair but they had other ideas pushing them all the way in the first game. Kev and Mike found another gear in the second game to secure the victory and the match was now 6-2 and everyone was looking towards a repeat of the 7-2 away victory. Again the Rearden Smith 1st pair had other ideas! David and Alan were involved in some long rallies, fine shots, close line calls and lots of tactical debates before the Arches 1st pair eventually showed their strength winning the 3rd game easily to end the match, 6-3 to Holm View.

Again, not the big result the captain had hoped for at the start of the match and all credit to the Rearden Smith boys who made the B team fight all the way for this victory! Despite the hard fought nature of the match it was played in great sporting nature. The match over a few hard core members of the team sat through the after match analysis fuelled by Strongbow and lager before Kev had an attack of cramp which was a fitting end to his night!

Mike “War and Peace” Perry


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