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Holm View Mens B v Penarth B 19/02/2015

Having won a hard fought 6-3 at Ystrad on Monday the Mens B knew a trip to Penarth on Thursday was going to provide a similar challenge! The captain named an unchanged team with Dave and Azzad, the Perry brothers and David and Jack making the trip. Knowing that a good win was vital if they are going to maintain any glimmer of hope of challenging Bridgend for the league title who had earlier in the week beaten Penarth 8-1. A tough night was ahead!

On arrival at Penarth the men were greeted by a sea of young faces! It was commented that “this could be one of those nights where a lot of running will be needed”! A worry in itself for half the team who are over 50! Nevertheless, David gave another team talk, full of French passion, determination and joie de vivre and once the rest of the team packed away their dictionaries the match commenced!

The first round of rubbers could not have gone better. Dave and Azzad, who we think has had lazer eye treatment since Monday pulled of a fine 2-0 victory over the Penarth 1st pair. Kev and Mike having made short work of the 1st game against the 2nd pair were finding the 2nd game a lot more difficult before eventually winning a tight game to put Holm View in the driving seat. In the 3rd rubber David and Jack were have a barnstormer of a rubber with the 3rd pair before eventually winning the 3rd game! 3-0 to Holm View and the momentum definitely in our favour.

Everything was going to plan when the Perry brothers quickly dispatched the Penarth 3rd pair with a display that proves that youth and enthusiasm is no match for old age and treachery! Dave with Azzad taking advantage of his new found eyesight were impressive with a 2-0 victory over the Penarth 2nd pair. David and Jack were in the groove now and pulled off a shock 2-0 victory against the Penarth 1st pair and Holm View were starting to believe a 9-0 victory may be possible! And, it was noticed that Jack had not dropped his racquet once!

6-0 up going to the final round of rubbers and confidence was high. Dave an Azzad were on fire by now and in no mood to relieve the pressure on the Penarth 3rd pair and completed their 3rd win of the night in fine style. The Perry brothers steeled themselves for what they thought would be a tough match against the Penarth 1st pair. However, despite some good early rallies  the Perry brothers had too much guile and experience for the young pair and were worthy winners. 8-0 and with Jack and David determined to get full value for their £3.00 match fee their  final rubber had gone to three games again. There were some excellent play on display from both pairs before some good smashes at the end saw the Holm View pair make it 9-0.

Despite the size of the result the match was played in a great spirit of sportsmanship. The young Penarth team have a lot of talent and we are sure they have plenty of time ahead of them to get revenge! The team returned to Barry for the usual after match warm down and analysis! Sunday brings Arches to Barry for what will be another tough match before the Mens B take a well earned break! It was mentioned that one member of the team is going to London for the weekend before travelling back for the match on Sunday and concerns have been raised about whether it is wise to take their wife to see Fifty Shades of Grey before a big game! We will see!


Mike P

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