Holm View

Holm View Mens B v Cardiff B 20/04/2015

With Kev Perry electing to stay at home and celebrate his birthday in a vat of Strongbow the Mens B captain called on Ali G to play with Mike Perry who had put the need of the team first and missed out on the Strongbow fest with his brother! David and Jack would continue their ever improving partnership with Azzad and Dave looking for a return to form. Cardiff unfortunately did not have the players to call upon and were reduced to a team of four.

Mike and Alan were pleased to know their work was done and settled down on the bench to watch proceedings and were not disappointed when after losing the 1st game Dave and Azzad stormed back to form and won their opening rubber. 4-0! Maybe David’s mind was wandering to the fleshpots of Poland where he will be for his stag weekend shortly as he and Jack were blowing hot and cold before eventually winning their rubber. 5-0 match won and Alan and Mike had to be restrained from walking to the shower so they could join Kev!

Alan and Mike kept the momentum going with a fine 2-0 victory, 6-0 and a big score was on the cards. However, at this point the wheels came off! David and Jack were having a roller coaster rubber against the Cardiff 1st pair before eventually losing and it was 6-1. Dave and Azzad were now back on top form and powered to another win, 7-1! In the meantime Alan and Mike had lost the 1st game of the last rubber 27-25. They came back well to win the 2nd game before a rather unfortunate disagreement about the score at 9-9 (allegedly) resulted in a total breakdown in concentration and they lost the 3rd game.

An unfortunate way to end what was a good match. However, the score was 7-2 which secured Holm View’s 2nd place in the division and Cardiff’s position at the bottom of the table!

A good result to end the season was celebrated in the usual fashion back at headquarters where Kevin decided to join the team for their last celebration of the season. It has been rumoured that several of the Perry family have been booked in to the Priory Clinic at the end of the season and it is likely Griffiths and Stopgate will be joining them!


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