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Holm View Mens B v Bridgend B 17/03/2015


The Mens B captain decided to go for youth rather than experience for this match and recalled Jack to the team to partner him. With Alan benched he would have a vital role to play as head cheer leader and tactical observer! Dave and Azzad would again lead the team as 1st pair with the Perry brothers hoping to continue their fine run of form. The Bridgend team arrived and was bristling with talent. Not many, if any clubs can boast of ever having an ex Welsh number 1 playing in their B team in Division 4. Everyone knew it would be a tough match with Bridgend looking to win this match to put the Division 4 title safely out of reach.

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad and they suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Bridgend 1st pair! 1-0 to Bridgend. However, the Perry brothers were in fine form and dispatched the Bridgend 2nd pair with equal determination to bring things back to 1-1.  On court 3 there was a right royal rumble in progress! Young Jack carrying a back injury and gasping for air after Mike had engulfed him in a cloud of freeze spray along with David were trading blows toe to toe with the Bridgend 3rd pair. Deep in to the third game and with nothing to choose between the pairs Jack and David managed to bully out 2 points to win the rubber 23-21 to give a hard fought 2-1 lead to Holm View!

The Perry brothers were very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and came out in determined mood. When they won the first game 21-19 and the bench started to believe! However, Chris Rees was in no mood to roll over and the Bridgend 1st pair came out and blew the Perry brothers away in the second game. Despite desperate tactical advice from Alan and a motivational speech by David, Mike and Kev had hit the wall like marathon runners who go out to fast at the start! Their eyes glazed and they could only watch in wonder at some of the shots being played against them before eventually losing the third game. Meanwhile Jack and David, looking as though they had given their all against the 3rd pair were struggling against the Bridgend 2nd pair. Despite their best effort the Bridgend 2nd pair proved to be too good. It was now 3-2 to Bridgend and the momentum was building in Bridgend’s favour. Dave and Azzad’s rubber against the Bridgend 3rd pair was now vital if Holm View were going to retain any hope of victory and unfortunately they were not able to find the high level of performance they displayed in the first half of the season and also lost. It was now 4-2 to Bridgend and Alan’s tactical talk had now moved to the realms of miracles and acts of God!

Things did not get any better in the third round of rubbers. Bridgend’s 1st pair made short work of David and Jack as did the Bridgend 2nd pair of Dave and Azzad. 6-2 to Bridgend and the Perry brothers had also lost the first game to the Bridgend 3rd pair and were not happy! At the change of ends the Perry brothers had a chat with themselves and knuckled down in the second game to pull it back to 1-1. With all other rubbers done and dusted and only their pride to play for now they put the third game to bed convincingly to win the rubber and to end the match losing 6-3.

A fine victory for Bridgend who have a thriving club and great depth of talent to call on. They will provide stiff opposition to the teams they meet in Division 3 next season. The match over a few hard core members of the team retired to the pub to lick their wounds and reflect on what might have been!

Mike P


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