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Holm View Mens B v Arches B 22/02/2015

The Mens B captain was expecting to improve on the 7-2 win at Arches and employed the Jose Mourinho squad rotation system. Having already played 2 matches this week several of the over 50 brigade were hopeful of being ‘rested’ but it was not to be and young Jack made way for Ali G to join the party! The Arches team arrived and the old heads instantly knew it would be a tough match with at least two of their players having up until recently been in their A team! To make matters worse Azzad had left his trainers home and had to wear Mike’s spare pair that were two sizes too big and Alan broke the strings of his A racquet warming up! The weather outside was getting worse and the confident pre-match mood in the hall was also changing!

The first round of rubbers started and things were not going well for Dave and Azzad! According to Dave, Azzad definitely has not had lazer eye treatment as he could not see again! Losing to the Arches 1st pair was not the start the men had hoped for. Kev and Mike had a very close 1st game against the 2nd pair but found the 2nd game a lot easier winning 2-0 to bring Holm View level at 1-1. In the 3rd rubber David and Alan were in good form running out 2-0 winners but at a cost, Alan had snapped the strings of his B racquet! The badminton omens were not looking good! 2-1 to Holm View and everything to play for!

The Perry brothers very aware their game against the Arches 1st pair would be crucial and were not in the mood to take any prisoners. Despite some hard fought rallies they made  short work of their opponents, 3-1 and the momentum was in Holm View’s favour! Dave and Azzad’s game against the Arches 3rd pair would be very important now and they did not disappoint pulling off a well earned victory despite Azzad’s feet flapping on the floor like a penguin (according to Alan) and his eyesight problem! To achieve the big win the captain hoped for he and Alan were going to have to win against the difficult Arches 2nd pair and it was not to be with them going down 2-0 in a spirited encounter. The match was poised at 4-2 in Holm View’s favour going in to the final round of rubbers.

Now to say Dave and Azzad were not having their best of nights would be an understatement and they also lost a tough rubber to the Arches 2nd pair. 4-3 and the gap was closing! Azzad left for the showers, took him awhile as he could not see to find his way there and Dave was left on the sidelines dreaming of what might have been! The Perry brothers were in no mood to let the match slip away and were all over the Arches 3rd pair like a rash. Using all of their combined 104 years to win 2-0 and ensure the match win at 5-3. In the final rubber, David and Alan were embroiled in an epic encounter with the Arches 1st pair! There were some long rallies, fine shots and close line calls before the Arches 1st pair eventually won 22-20 in the 3rd game. What an end to a hard fought match with Holm View winning 5-4!

Not the big result the captain had hoped for at the start of the match and all credit to the Arches team who made the B team fight all the way for this victory! The match over a few hard core members of the team sat through the after match analysis fuelled by coffee and apple juice!


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