Holm View

Holmview Mens B v Cardiff B

Cardiff B brought a team mixed with youth and experience to face the Mens B team at Holm View.

The Mens B were again without their Gallic captain so Dave called upon their super sub Jack Elvis to play again with Alan and what a performance they put in! Winning all three of their rubbers in fine style! Winning their first rubber comfortably, coming from behind in their second rubber to win 2-1 and finally beating Cardiffs first pair 22-20 and 24-22! Jack has integrated in to the team well and is improving with every match he plays. He has a bright badminton future ahead of him.

Dave and Azzad, the most experienced pair the Mens B have put in another sterling performance to win all three of their rubbers with relative ease. With both of them now fit and healthy they will be looking forward to their next match and a good season.

The Perry brothers (Kev and Mike) teamed up again and are proving a formidable force at this level. Winning all three of their rubbers and restricting their opponents to under 10 points in several games in the process. Rumours that these two old campaigners could not play together now seem to have been put to rest!

Despite the 9-0 result the match was played in good spirits and everyone is looking forward to the re-match.

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