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Holm View Mixed C -2 v Bridgend Phoenix C +2      27/01/2015 Grant Williams Cup Semi Final

With captain J having to again rustle up ladies for this match another new line up was on display! The badminton player formally known as Steff was partnered with Gemma the traveler, the captain was partnered with David the flamboyant French man and as for Mike the badminton prostitute it was no surprise that he had another new lady to play with! Eloise had kindly agreed to play her first mixed match in about 20 years! Due to the number of partners Mike has had this season there is a rumour that someone from Barry’s Vice Squad is going to investigate him! As far as the visitors were concerned, they arrived with a team boasting an unbeaten record this season and three ex Holm View players. An interesting and competitive night was ahead!

When the match eventually got underway Bridgend started at a hot pace and their 3rd pair made short work of Mike and Eloise, 1-0 to Bridgend! Bridgend’s 1st and 2nd pair were also making the most of the handicap winning the opening games in their rubbers and Holm View looked as though they were going to get off to the worse possible start. However, this team has already shown the capability of being able to dig deep and tonight was going to have to be one of those nights. Both pairs fought back to win close second games and when Gemma and Steph won their rubber to make it 1-1 all eyes were on the 1st pair match that has going to be critical! David by now was running around the court like a banshee, one ‘allez’ followed another ‘allez’ and Bridgend’s 1st pair man now looked rattled! Captain J had rolled back the years and was showing movement around the court that had not been seen for some time! Their effort was to be rewarded with a fine victory and from thinking they would be 3-0 down Holm View had somehow come out of the 1st round of rubbers 2-1 up! Game on!

The 2nd round of rubbers got underway with Mike and Eloise making an inspired tactical change when they decided to play levels. Mike has never played so many points at the net in a mixed match and Eloise has never cleared so many shots! The tactic proved decisive and Bridgend’s 2nd pair had no answer to Eloise and Mike’s determination and tactical astuteness and they put the rubber to bed 2-0! At 3-1 up the momentum had swung in Holm Views direction and Bridgend’s mood was not as buoyant now as it was when the match started. However, this was a match full of twists and Bridgend’s 1st pair brought them back in to the match with a fine win against Steff and Gemma. 3-2 and all eyes were again on the flamboyant French man and his rejuvenated partner who seem to have developed a fondness for taking their rubbers to three games and winning them closely! They again had the crowd biting their nails before eventually winning and putting Holm View in the driving seat at 4-2.

Bridgend were not going to give up easily and it was Mike and Eloise’s turn to be swept aside 2-0. There work for the evening done they settled down to watch what would turn out to be a tremendous last two rubbers! D & J now looked more like they should be in A & E! They had lost the opening rubber and struggling to find their form against the Bridgend 2nd pair who were now showing some bounce back ability. On the other court what was happening can only described as magical! Steff and Gemma had saved their best until last and were producing shots straight from the badminton’s magician handbook, racquets moved like wands, they ghosted around the court and their opponents, who had played well all night, were mesmerized! They romped to a 2-0 victory and Holm View had pulled off what had looked early on as a most unlikely win! Not to be outdone the other rubber had gone to 3 games again! There were some fantastic rallies and hard fought points before the Holm View pair eventually crawled to victory 21-20 in the third game!

The 6-3 win did not reflect the closeness of several of the games or the tenacity and desire to win displayed by players on both sides. It was then off to the pub for the usual after match analysis and to look forward to a well earned place in the Grant Williams cup final! David’s first final in 8 years of badminton since moving to the UK! Allez, Allez!


Mike P

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