Holm View

Holm View Mens B v Rearden Smith Mens B 09/12/2014

The Mens B faced a tough trip to the Welsh Institute of Sport to face a solid Rearden Smith team who would take full advantage of the hot, loud and visibly challenging home conditions! The return of the team captain David and Azad meant there would be some decisions to be made about pairings. Having been unbeaten in their previous two matches it was decided that Mike and Kev would stay together, the established pair of Dave and Azad would be re-formed and David would pair up with Alan in a so far untried combination.

The Perry brothers got the match off to a storming start making short work of their first opponents. However, the other two rubbers were, as in previous matches, proving to be a close affair. At times it looked like the team would be 2-1 down going in to the second round of rubbers. However, with Dave and Azzad notching up a well earned victory in 3 games and David and Alan also battling to a well earned victory in three games the men found themselves 3-0 up! What a start!

The Perry brothers followed up their first win with another quick victory and the 4th rubber was in the bag. Azzad and Dave were involved in another 3 gamer causing the bench several nervous moments before running out winners and securing the match win. Unfortunately David and Alan were not able to win their second rubber losing in 3 games in a tense and hard fought encounter.
5-1 up going in to the final round of rubbers was a strong position to be in and the team now wanted to add as many rubbers as possible to their tally. The Perry brothers had a close first game with their opponents but then made short work of them in the second game to make it 6-1. Dave and Azzad were determined not to go to three games again and secured the seventh rubber in fine style. The new partnership of David and Alan were unable to win their last rubber but it should not be underestimated the importance of them winning their first rubber at the start of the night.

All credit to the Rearden Smith team who battled hard and made the Mens B team earn every point in difficult conditions! The pre-Christmas campaign now over the men will get their racquets re-strung (2 went in the match), rest their tired limbs or continue with re-hab for injuries over the next few weeks! Special thanks must also go to Rob who travelled to the match to support the men and celebrate the win with them afterwards!

Mike Perry

Holmview Mens B v Cardiff B

Cardiff B brought a team mixed with youth and experience to face the Mens B team at Holm View.

The Mens B were again without their Gallic captain so Dave called upon their super sub Jack Elvis to play again with Alan and what a performance they put in! Winning all three of their rubbers in fine style! Winning their first rubber comfortably, coming from behind in their second rubber to win 2-1 and finally beating Cardiffs first pair 22-20 and 24-22! Jack has integrated in to the team well and is improving with every match he plays. He has a bright badminton future ahead of him.

Dave and Azzad, the most experienced pair the Mens B have put in another sterling performance to win all three of their rubbers with relative ease. With both of them now fit and healthy they will be looking forward to their next match and a good season.

The Perry brothers (Kev and Mike) teamed up again and are proving a formidable force at this level. Winning all three of their rubbers and restricting their opponents to under 10 points in several games in the process. Rumours that these two old campaigners could not play together now seem to have been put to rest!

Despite the 9-0 result the match was played in good spirits and everyone is looking forward to the re-match.

Mens B v Ystrad – 04/11/2014

The Men’s B faced some tough opposition from Ystrad and were without the leadership of their charismatic David Le Coq. However, with more than 40 years of badminton experience Davey Stopgate was a formidable replacement in this role. His first inspirational decision was to select Jack Elvis as David’s replacement and the “young gun” proved to be well worth the 5 bags of skittles he eats per match!

Davey’s next big decision was to pair up the Perry brother’s (Kev and Mike) for only their second match together in about 40 years and their first one was 2 days before for the Mens A! This meant Jack would be playing with Alan and what a rollercoaster of an evening the pair had! Losing to the third pair in their first rubber facing defeat at 20-18 in the third game against the second pair Davey was wondering what had gone wrong!Then four amazing points turned the whole match on its head. Alan and Jack (1 rubber) had pulled off a win that looked most unlikely and the Men were noe 3-3 instead of 2-4 with everything to play for!
(Alan Note: we were never in doubt!… well maybe a little)

The Perry brothers (2 rubbers) sealed the 4th rubber of the night in good time and Dave and Azad (2 rubbers) sealed a well earned 5-4 win. Jack completed his debut with a win and received the nomination for the most sporting player. Unfortunately he is not yet old enough to join in the after match celebrations! Debrief down Weatherspoons…

Ladies B 1-5 Arches B

Tough night the Ladies with many close games just going the way of the oppositon.

Heath C 6-3 Mixed B

Very tough night for the Mixed B. This result leaves them on the brink of relegation.

P.D. A 2-7 Mixed C

Well what a result !  A big thank you to Alan for coming back from Bristol to play. This result put the Mixed C with in sight of the title, I hear Mark & Christina played very well to win all three rubbers, Great great result  ( 6 out of 6 ).

Reardon Smith B 0-9 Mixed C

Great win for the Mixed C,   5 wins from 5 !  next up away at P.D. on Friday.

Mixed C 5-4 Reardon Smith B

Great result for the Mixed C 4 wins from 4 matches,  It was mighty close !  Reardon Smiths side played really well.  Our sides pairings were Kevin & Kath, Mark & Christina, Steff & Pat.


Brilliant win at Bridgend !   Mark & David taking all 3 games again and are playing some good stuff !


Two wins on the bounce for the Mens B.  Mark & David played really well to take all three games.