Holm View

Moderates Tournament

The Moderates tournament will be held on Sunday 9th January from 9am to 6pm at:

Glamorgan Sport Park
University of Glamorgan
Treforest Industrial Estate
Pontypridd CF37 5UP

This is a brand new facility with 6 courts and very close to Makro just off the Caerphilly exit on the A470. It is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking.

Entry forms will be sent out shortly so please make every effort to attend and make the event as successful as it was last year.

Big Dave Birthday Today!

50 something today….

If life were a week it would be Thursday!

Still a blur on court, best between legs shot in the league, whoever said that’s because there’s nothing hanging down to get into the way is just jealous!

Christmas Party

It’s time to dust off your glam rags, Friday 4th December seems to be free at the moment for everyone. You can find the invite by clicking here!

Match/fixture changes

There have been some notices and amendments to the original data sent out as follows.

I have changed the fixtures table.

  • Reardon Smith start at 8pm, not 8.30pm as published.
  • Ladies B match on the 2/11/10 away at LLantwit Fardre has been changed to 23/11/10
  • 1st Ladies A match is now on 17/11/10.
  • Mixed A match on the 31/03/11 is Away, was down as home.
  • Confirm Arches venues & times:
    Tuesdays 8.30 pm, Jubilee Hall, Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff
    Thursdays 7.00 pm, Howell’s School, Cardiff

Goodbye Party for Nick

Nick will be leaving next Saturday 2nd October for Kaboom so this is our last weekend to say goodbye. Jamie is trying to organise a farewell evening this Saturday night, no definite plans yet but lets go to high alert and be ready!

Night of drunken tom foolery and highly inappropriate behaviour, but that’s enough about Dave!

Weatherspoons, kabana, 2EZ or something with those letters, food….

Come on people, lets get ready to rumble!

New Season

New Season starts on 26th September, gird your loins and start getting in shape…..preferably not pear shaped! (I don’t know how I do it! think it’s spirit writing as I end up chuckling as well, almost like it’s not me typing.)

Lock up your daughters, sons & Pets!

Big Nick is coming home on the 4th September for a rest, no doubt we will have a few beers at some point….

Social Evening

So having got no takers for the Family day at Porthkerry park, the pub subcommittee in association with the social secretary have decided to revert to our normal social past time of drinking and eating curry.

Saturday10th July, starting in the Tynewydd at 6pm onwards, few beers and then down the Shaggy dog to watch Dave try and beat the Onion Bharji eating world record.I will be bringing a netbook to try and make a live satellite link to Khaboom, although can’t even get a phone call in the tynny.

Maybe a bit of dancing, maybe some shouting but definitely no falling over or sticking fingers in other peoples beer….

More the merrier, friends invited, as with badminton, ladies especially welcome.

Someone please take responsibility for Dave’s wallet.

AGM Meeting Minutes – 9th June 2010

Minutes…..that’s how long it took!

We set a new record for the quickest AGM, not sure if that’s good or bad.

The meeting followed the agenda, various people were elected/press ganged into the following roles:

Chairman:                           Dave Stopgate
Fixture Secretary:            Alison Edwards
Treasurer:                           Jenny Griffin
Secretary:                           Alan Griffiths

The usual tumbleweed silence following each request for potential candidates and nominations, putting a positive spin on affairs, must mean the current members are doing a good job!

All committee members with the exception of Pat stood for re-election and were thanked for their tireless efforts, with special thanks for Pat as the longest running treasurer since records began, apparently she is mentioned in the Doomsday book.

The selection committee consists of:

Dave Stopgate
Andrew Ashburner
Pat Stephens

Helen “Fingertips” Tweddle was shouted down and excluded based on her Spanish nationality.

Club Finances are in reasonable shape and there is no increase in club fees.

Following Alison’s request, it was agreed that we should allow more than one match a night during the season, with each match allocated a court and the third court being a floater for the first hour.

Andy asked that members be shown how to add content to the website, it was agreed that relevant logins would be given to IT literate individuals with some basic instruction on what to do.

The selection committee will start their long and arduous selection process with immediate effect, selecting parings and games in the 8-9pm slot of club nights. It was requested they meet at some point to discuss possible pairings to better judge the outcome of the process.

With regards club nights, Dave asked for a common sense approach in selecting the players for games, the main aim to provide competitive and enjoyable badminton for all. If anyone has any issues on the night with regards the game selections or has consistently played with the same individuals then make it known to the selection committee or whoever is selecting the games so the matter can be resolved. Apparently in the past some members have even be known to grab their bag and walk out, shocking!

Likewise if the members of the selection committee are unavailable or on court and a court is free then members should proceed as normal in selecting a game.

Meeting closed 7.20pm.

Porthkerry day out

The day out has been cancelled and may happen later in the summer.